Testimonials for Accord

I've been using Accord for many years since my last accountant let me down, and I've been very impressed with the service I've received. James really seems to understand my business, and Laurel has been very helpful with doing my book-keeping. Highly recommended.”
Mark L


“We have been a client with Accord Accountants since the early 90's and we can only say that we have had nothing but an exceptional service and the advice we have received has been correct and perfect for our business.”
Richard S


“Accord are a professional Accountancy Service who operate with a personal touch whom I have used for many years. They have consistently provided me with excellent service regardless of me moving away from the local area.”
S Sinden - Director


“Accord are always efficient and pleasant to do business with - the fact that they are often open on a Saturday makes it really convenient for me. They take the headache out of tax returns.”
Judi E


“Accord Accountants are very professional and very knowledgeable regarding my business. I don't see them as my accountant, they treat me as a friend, and they give me advise regarding my tax matters like you talk to your friend and seeking solution. I'm very happy with the service and recommend them to everyone. ”
Mehrdad R


“Very accommodating, keeps us on the right track with our Accounts and efficient on ensuring tax deadlines are met. I would recommend Accord Accountants ”
Pauline M


“We find that Accord Accountants are very efficient and provide us a very good quality service. They are very prompt and organized which keeps us very happy.We would very much recommend their services to our clients. Yours Sincerely... ”
Annandvilla Estate Agents


“Accord are not youre normal run of the mill bean counters and you can trust them implicitly to come up with financial solutions for all of your business needs. Sorry James, your not a bean counter really !! Yours faithfully Mark Taylor MD MT Squared Ltd ”
Mark T


“I have worked with Accord Accountants for many years and have found them to be extremely helpful in all aspects of my business and personal financial requirements. In addition they are extremely well informed and helpful, which is why I would not hesitate to recommend their services. Alan Hopkins Handheldmedia Limited ”
Alan H


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